Reconstructing Pre-Reformation St Andrews

Scholars at the University of St Andrews are beginning a new project on the pre-Reformation history of St Andrews – formerly the religious capital of Scotland. A key element of the project is the creation of a digital reconstruction of the city as it appeared in the 1550s, shortly before the citizens officially rejected Catholicism Read more about Reconstructing Pre-Reformation St Andrews[…]

Luther Bible

Listen to Alec Ryrie’s Reformation Day Lecture

On 3rd November at the University of St Andrews, Professor Alec Ryrie delivered the Reformation Studies Institute’s 2016 Reformation Day Lecture. Ryrie, professor in the Department of Theology and Religion at Durham University, spoke on ‘Lovers and Brawlers: Protestants and Their Bibles in the (Very) Long Reformation.’ You may listen to his entire address below: