Saturday April 9, 2016


There are a number of events planned for October 2017, culminating in the 500th Anniversary of the posting of Luther’s ‘Ninety-Five Theses’ on 31 October. Additional details will be added as they come available.

Public Lectures

27 April 2017: ‘Singing the Reformation’

  • Lecturers: Rev. Dr Ian Bradley (staff profile) and Rev. Dr Douglas Galbraith
  • Details: 5.15 in the Senior Common Room, St Mary’s, South Street, to be followed by a wine reception in St John’s House
  • Abstract: Dr Bradley and Dr Galbraith will discuss and illustrate the Reformation in song, with particular reference to Luther’s own compositions, the Good and Godly Ballads and early metrical psalms, including those in Thomas Wode’s Psalter produced in St Andrews.

10 October 2017: ‘Luther and the Media’

17 October 2017: ‘The Theologies of the Reformation’

24 October 2017:  ‘Luther and the Arts’

30 October 2017: ‘The Lingering Legacy of Protestantism in Britain’

  • Lecturer: Rev. Dr Ian Bradley (staff profile)
  • Details: 5.30, St Leonard’s Chapel
  • Abstract: What is the lingering legacy of the Reformation in Britain 500 years on? To what extent is Britain, or Scotland, still a Protestant country? Starting here in St Andrews, Ian Bradley explores where echoes and traces of the Reformation can still be found and what its legacy looks like 500 years after Martin Luther nailed up his 95 theses.


The Special Collections Library and the Museum of the University of St Andrews will present highlights of the University’s collection of illustrated Reformation books and pamphlets.


St Salvator’s Chapel Choir, together with the Kellie Consort, will record a CD of sixteenth and seventeenth-century Lutheran music, and will perform a concert.

Oct 31 Ecumenical Service

An ecumenical service to mark Reformation Day itself, Tuesday 31st October 2017, at Holy Trinity Church, with participation from the Churches and the University and a sermon delivered by the Rt Rev and Rt Hon Dr Rowan Williams.

Holy Trinity Church, St Andrews

Holy Trinity Church, location of the 31 October Ecumenical Service